Summer and August 2021 – Back to School

Southern Pines RV campground - Snow Cone Truck - Summer and August - Back to School

With August in full swing, daily routines are beginning to resume at Southern Pines RV Campground!

Summer of 2021 was  very busy at Southern Pines RV Campground, and the ending approached us in a flash! We have worked very strategically trying to get grass to begin growing around the Campground.

With all the new construction, dirt, rain and MUD have been beyond annoying!! Timing seed and rain (Lufkin, Texas floods 2021) has been trivial… after 2 rounds of spreading seed, and “floods” following both times, 😫 thankfully, we are beginning to see sprouting and mowing and weed eating are becoming more of a demand! Speaking of demand, the Texas heat and humidity has been brutal this year! Water and hydration has been a must!

At Southern Pines RV Campground, we wanted to do something special for our school-aged guests. We have 9 kiddos who are enrolled in East Texas schools. We decided to have a “back to school day” for all our kids and families.. Jack’s Treats mobile van came out and served sno-cones and ice-cream! It was a very nice day, and the cool treats were refreshing! (Visit our Facebook page to see the photo-and while you are there, “FOLLOW” us).

People of all ages enjoyed their chosen treats. The children were given personalized pencils, a gift from the Campground. The smiles on each face when they discovered it was more than a “pencil” was great! Seeing their own name lasered onto each of the pencils meant something special to them!

At Southern Pines RV Campground, we love serving our guests. We want to give an East Texas experience that leaves a lasting impression and special memories for all. Repeat customers is our goal!! Whether you need daily, weekly or monthly hook-ups, we invite you to come stay with us, at Southern Pines RV Campground, where you will always be treated like family!